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Welcome to the world of innovative strategy games. Imagine meandering through the aisles of an artificial city with beautiful landmarks that embody the uniqueness of Bangkok, such as the Democracy Monument, The Giant Swing, and others. You can design your distinctive structures and may acquire the resources needed to establish your NFT.

Metapolis is a free-to-play NFT. The more time you spend in Metapolis, the larger the award you will obtain. The idea is that the participants took on the role of townspeople who created their communities on their territory. Furthermore, various activities, including a social structure, may be used to form a group or clan. The players can also allow another player to visit their town, which is uniquely made in the player's style, or spend some additional time developing some new building that has not before been. Thus, the town's creation depends on the players' actions.

System Requirements

Recommended specs

  • CPU : Intel Core i7-8700 OR AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • RAM : 16 GB RAM
  • GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD RX 5600
  • DX : Version 12
  • OS : Windows 10, 64-bit
  • STO : 85 GB available space (SSD)
  • RES : 1080p/60 fps, High Quality Settings, Upscale Quality Setting


Every zone has a primary architectural style that is distinct from the others. Users can buy the zones immediately or develop and expand them over time. The current landscape created by the players will determine future events to create a choice-and-consequence system. Furthermore, players can travel within their land by using portals or walking. There is also a term known as Metapolis' stats, which allows players to vote and debate future features that are likely to occur in the future.

Land Type

Comercial Commercial (Every zone) is a public zone where players may buy, sell, and rent, including NFT assets. This form of land will create a BK coin promptly, and there is no clear-out on the asset.

Static (Headquarters, Salem, and possibly more in the future if there is a high demand) is a special zone where all server activities will be carried out by the admins and cannot be sold. Players can still reserve lands to create various types of NFT assets. It should be noted that the land will be rented on a first-come, first-served basis, and the assets will be created within a specific timeframe and termination period.

Land Property

To find out the level of the purchased land, open a random box on that land.

Three land levels will be graded from lowest to highest: common, rare, and epic. The drop rate is mentioned below.

  • Common 55%
  • Rare 40%
  • Epic 5%

Per unit in each land can create resources for the owner, which are generated once every 24 hours and occur at 0.00 AM sharply every single day.

Land Growing

The landlord must activate their lands to develop them to the next level (Except Pay). Lands that can be developed > Growing > Generate a secondary currency (BK Coin) The lands also yield the resources needed to build NFT within the specified timeframe.

The land has a maximum unit of 25,000 and cannot be expanded.


Every unit of acquired land generates a set quantity of resources, which accumulate over time and are used to make the products. Resources are created conditionally in a specified timeframe. When any object is made, BK coins are generated along with it.

As previously said, resources are created 1 time per day, which will happen at 0.00am every day. It should be remembered that the pace of drop in resources and BK coins is affected by the level of selected land.

Common level
Wood (1-5 Pcs/day)
Rock (1-5 Pcs/day)
Iron (1-5 Pcs/day)
BK Coin (18-21 Coins/day)
Rare level
Finewood (1-5 Pcs/day)
Brick (1-5 Pcs/day)
Steel (1-5 Pcs/day)
BK Coin (60-80 Coins/day)
Epic Level
Composite Wood (1-5 Pcs/day)
Gypsum (1-5 Pcs/day)
Composite Plate (1-5 Pcs/day)
BK Coin (160-200 Coins/day)

Mix Resource

Mixing resources and items

If each type of material sums up to 25 pcs (Wood = 25, Rock = 25, Iron =25), they can be mixed with a price paid in BK Coins.

The fees are labeled as follows,

  • Common = 150 BK Coins
  • Rare = 500 BK Coins
  • Epic = 2,000 BK Coins

Fees can be adjusted to balance the game's difficulty.


Put the resources (Wood, Rock, Iron, Finewood, Brick, Steel, Composite Wood, Gypsum, Composite Plate) in the mixing machine to create the items that will be charged with BK Coins.

  • One item will be generated from the mixing machine. If you would like to convert them into NFT (To sell them in the NFT market), click “Mint” to convert them into “1 NFT”.
  • Without Mint, the generated item is counted as a normal one stored in the player’s inventory and exchanged between players. Those cannot be placed in the NFT market).
  • If the generated item is not satisfied, it can be demolished to convert them back into raw resources (With less than 40% of its base).

If you want Mint items, gas fees, and TMC coins must proceed.

Types of items received from the mixing process

There are 6 types of items that are generated from the mixing machine.

  1. Front Wall
  2. Rear Wall
  3. Left Wall
  4. Right Wall
  5. Roof
  6. Decoration


Inventory is a type of inventory that can be created or gained within the game. The items that can be kept are grouped into three categories.

Resource Category

It is used to store resources obtained via the land's resource generation. There are initially 20 slots in all. Each Resource type can be saved in 999 pieces per slot. Players must purchase additional slots, which costs 150 Bk coins, to add to the first slot. After that, the fee will increase by 50 BK coins for each consecutive slot increased by one player. This category will have a maximum of 256 storage spaces.

MetaMachine Category

It is used to store items obtained from Mix Resource. Initially, there are 20 slots, with each item can be stored for one slot. Players must purchase additional slots. It costs 150 Bk coins to add to the first slot. Then, on each subsequent slot increase, the price will increase by 50 BK coins each time by one player. This category will have a maximum of 512 storage slots.

House Category

It is used to store buildings from a combination of building components. Initially, there are 20 slots, with each item can be stored for one slot. Players must purchase additional slots. The cost is 150 Bk Coin to add the first slot. Then, in each next addition, the price will increase by 50 BK Coin every 10 slots. This category will have a maximum of 1024 storage slots.


Buildings are significant in Metapolis; after gathering and combining materials to make goods, those objects may be turned into buildings.

Mixing items to form buildings (Houses)

To form the buildings from the items, 5 categories shall be collected: the Left Wall, Right Wall, Front Wall, Rear Wall, and Roof. One item from each category is required to proceed. Lacking one of them will result as unsuccessful. Furthermore, every single one of them must have the same level. For example, rare buildings must be created from 5 items in the rare level to proceed further.

The essential elements determine the shapes and colors of the structures. If each object has a different color, the building will look different in each part, which will be the same throughout the game. (NFT market is an ideal place to find compatible items that share the same appearances, or they can be exchanged between players if the exchanged item is not Mint).

The generated buildings will have their color that can be created only once, except for the ones with similar colors. Now they are more than 50,000 colors available in the game.

If the buildings are generated, players can decide whether to Mint them into NFT or keep them in the inventory. Note that both NFT and normal buildings can be placed on the land.

If the players decide to Mint, it will be converted into NFT and counted as one building (Items will be demolished, and the items will be removed from the inventory and cannot be restored).


Online Shop

Four nearby lands must be acquired and merged to enable the online store. Following that, the market kinds will be shown, and the players will be able to pick their style of stores based on the business categories, or they may customize it in their methods.

Combining four adjacent lands

Choose “Combining” to create a new building, which will be counted as 1 NFT. If there is any building that existed before combining four lands, the old building will be returned to the players’ inventory. Moreover, 4 lands combined will drop the resources equivalent to 4 individual lands. The buy-and-sell system will automatically come out with the selected online shop specified in any business type.


Avatar is described as the users' behavior that levels up based on the players' actions, and the game system will tell the players whenever the behavior systems level them up. Players may convert their avatars into Mint, which operates like NFT and can be used in the buy-and-sell system.

Some types of avatars will have a special ability that is unique to each other, and their examples are described below,

  • Social King (Use chat system up to the quests' requirement) = Can create the group chat.
  • Explorer (Commuting up to the quests' requirement) = Can warp.
  • Merchant (Use buy-and-sell system up to the quests' requirement) = Can place a stall and leave them while the player is offline.
  • Builder (Use mixing machine up to the quests' requirement) = Can craft a rare NFT.

EXP that the players can gain from the server's activities are shown below,

  • Commuting distance
  • Online time
  • Frequency of usage for the mixing machine
  • Frequency of usage for the market system

When the avatars are converted to Mint, EXP will be restarted to zero and need to regain from the beginning.



  • A Strafe Left
  • D Strafe Right
  • W Move Forward
  • S Move Backward
  • Spacebar Jump
  • Left Shift Sprint
  • Mouse Right Turn Direction


  • M Open Minimap
  • C Open Chat Mode
  • B Open Buy Mode
  • U Open User Settings
  • I Open Inventory


  • Open Buy Mode
  • Open Inventory
  • Collect resources from all land at once
  • Mix Resources
  • Restart
  • Go to Items Market
  • Open User Settings

Voice Chat

Voice Chat can be used by entering the house. by walking to the door The system will ask if you want to go in or not, click the OK button.

Once inside the house, click the Start button on the top left of the screen to enter Voice Chat. The system will ask for permission about Microphone, click OK.


NFT Crafting system

There are two ways to create NFT in the game

Land development

Lands may be developed into a unique stage such that when you spend a particular amount of time in Metapolis, the game system will reward you with specific resources that are required to create NFT, as well as some BK Coins to purchase some equipment for the mixing machine. NFT will be ready once everything is in place.

Avatar maker

Avatar maker is available once a certain amount of EXP is gained. EXP will be accumulated based on players’ behavior, such as the maximum commuting distance, online time, number of NFTs created by the mixing machine, and frequency of usage for the market system.


The primary currency of Metapolis.

The Metapolis team is building virtual worlds where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming
experience using TMC; Terminus token, the main utility token of the platform.

  • Used as the center of exchange for lands in the Metapolis platform.
  • Used as the center of exchange for NFT in the Metapolis platform.
  • Used as the center of exchange for special offers in the Metapolis platform.

Terminus Token Address
BSC: 0x6F75AF1D651B0F04366882c6A96beBc6C411d02B

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BK Coin

The secondary currency of Metapolis.

  • Used as the center of exchange for goods in Metapolis only.
  • Used as the center of exchange for NFT in the Metapolis platform only.
  • Used as the center of exchange for special offers in the Metapolis platform only.

Two thousand million coins will be circulated throughout the game activities as a primary mechanic and returned to the developer team of Metapolis.



The existing players from Metapolis can learn and adapt to the new ecosystem that is very trendy in the future world of Metapolis.

Trade Crypto players with no prior experience in the game will have the opportunity to experiment with various ways other than the standard trade scorecard, increasing their chances of owning NFT and profiting from them.

Thai artists who created NFT are renowned worldwide due to their high-quality works representing the NFT Creator.


Owning the lands in Metapolis considered one of the project's members in which the user can participate in various activities such as AirDrop, Partner’s Promotions, Game Activities, and creating NFT on their own for selling purposes.

Land’s mechanics were created to have “Gamification” (Applying the principle of Game Mechanics with the current project), which significantly increases the users’ engagement to be consistently active, leading to the project's social power.

NFT Market

The project team has assigned Binance NFT under the standard of BEP-721 (Temporary name) to choose the Binance NFT chain to increase the users' opportunities to enter the new NFT market, which is the top-tier project of the world of Binance chain that has dramatically grown over time (Its cashflow is approximately $40 million daily). The previous version of the NFT system's flaws has all been addressed, apart from Ethereum's NFT, which has a problem with the gas fee and its clustering of projects, which prevents the existing system from being expanded, leading to the problem of network connections becoming more crowded in the future.


According to the developers, the social group is the critical core of Metaverse. We have the resources necessary to form a group of people with similar interests to debate their ideas in a preferred setting that they may make themselves (Lands' structures and decorations in the future). As a result, users can create a group with a specific topic and atmosphere that meets the users' needs for expressing their characters from their groups to the outside world.


The developers purposefully designed the TMC coin to be as stable as possible to allow them to exchange the existing services in the game, such as the expense related to the crafting of tools from NFT, the expense to expand the users' lands, the expense to purchase the new services provided in the project or used as a tool to participate in the project's partner's activities.


The developments were decided to prepare for the incoming social system in the future that FB planned in the roadmap. We decided to use high-reliability technologies such as Web3 and Web4 ready (Smart contact system used to send the contact details).

We are the alliance with, the Cross-game Avatar Website-based Platform. They become a guest user within the project.


The creators employed Gamification to assist drive player participation in Metapolis.

Because the lands create resources regularly, owners must engage in the project at least once daily, resulting in a high likelihood of developing a participation rate for the players through various methods such as game chat and group chat.

The collections of the NFT avatars from the mixing resources will be used in the next phase of finding the unique materials in the project, making NFT more unique.


As the project evolves, the goal is for it to expand continuously, vigorously, and for a long time. When users constantly engage in the project, it will develop alternative means to contact clients from various companies that are prospective candidates to become popular in the future and improve the image of modernity in cooperation with the participating brands.


Sukit Tangtemjit


Sermyot Chalermsri

CO-FOUNDER & Head of Design

Thitika Fueangwerojsakul

Head of Coordinate