Terms and Conditions

1. There are significant risks and uncertainties associated with holding and selling digital tokens, whether economic risks or uncertainty, either law or technology. As a result, anybody interested in holding digital tokens should research the rules, regulations, and information about the company's terminal tokens.

Furthermore, the price or value of digital tokens may fluctuate owing to the unpredictable market mechanism; This may result in the loss of all cash used to acquire digital tokens, and the firm does not provide deposit protection. Or in any other manner, guarantee the value of tokens.

2. Because the digital token is an application of blockchain technology, the corporation has published the work of terminal tokens. Any technological hazards may exist when working on or using linked initiatives, as with other digital asset projects, such as technological obsolescence, blockchain technology development fluctuations, or tokenization. The risk of a network attack and a breach of firm security requirements, despite the Company's best efforts, must be maintained by internal and external people with the most excellent security and issuance. The company can proceed when someone participates in, holds, or purchases the digital token. The individual understands and accepts any risks related to digital tokens and terminal token possession. Moreover, this includes accepting and acknowledging this article's relevant terms and conditions. Obtaining and using terminal tokens Future modifications or technological advancements may be required to adapt. The current state of the project in use poses no harm or risk to the digital token holder, even though holders or purchasers of digital tokens may lose all or a portion of their assets.

3. The digital token holder is exclusively liable for any tax burden incurred due to the usage of terminal tokens. The Corporation We will not be liable for any tax liabilities incurred due to the use, transaction, or use of the terminal token. Holder of a digital token

4. Information gathered and scope of use to guarantee that the Metapolis project's efficacy and utilization conform to the company's concept. We will collect and use user information as follows :

4.1 User information, and registration information, so that users can contact one another to use the service properly; the corporation may require them to register more detailed information, such as personal information. Other users can see profile information or role names, as well as any other information, on the service. (For example, text, image, video, etc.) Users can sign up and publish to other users. The user will oversee data registration. However, if you register, you may be able to access this service in part or whole.

4.2 Data gathered from promotional activities. Users may be required to enter their name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and gender. The birth date is utilized for various surveys, contests, and marketing. It is vital to gather thorough information regarding the distribution of rewards, the sale of products, and so on to users.

4.3 Contact information for users
The company will collect emails, types of devices, and types of operations. Filling out the company's web form with user information allows users to be recognized. Investigate any complaints or queries and respond appropriately.

Service Information

4.3.1 The Cookie

The company Cookies are used to save user preferences, track access data, and track functionalities and statistics to deliver the most excellent possible service to users while remaining stable and safe. Users can decline to utilize cookies, but only if they do not save cookies. Some services that require cookies, such as those that require a login, will be unavailable to users.

4.3.2 Logs

When a user visits the service, the system creates and records the IP address, browser type, browser language, and other information automatically. The firm will use these data to study the usage environment to produce better services. In addition, prohibit improper or illegal behaviors that interfere with regular functioning.

4.3.3 Geographic information.

Some services may make use of location data sent by mobile communication devices. The company use this information solely to the extent required to offer the Services. Users cannot provide location information if the mobile communication device settings do not permit it.

4.3.4 Information about the equipment

The corporation may gather information (such as the operating system kind and serial number) about the customer's equipment—advertising ID, etc. The firm may link the gathered advertising ID to the internal user information ID. The firm issues the internal ID card to each user. This information will enhance the service to detect and prevent improper or illegal behaviors that impede regular service.

5. Purposes: The gathered personal information will be used by the firm to :

- Seamless service for users - Prevent any inappropriate or unlawful action
- Create service statistics
- Conduct research and analysis to assess and enhance services, which enable businesses to answer customer inquiries correctly.
- Inform the company's business partners about news and ads.
- Inform customers about new service-related developments.
- Select the winners of the promotion, give the rewards to the winners, send the items for sale, and so on.
- It is used to verify users' identities when they ask the firm.
- Provide further vital service information and contact the user as needed.

6. Information Disclosure

Except in the following cases, the Company will not share user information with a third party :

- When the user agrees in advance.
- When following laws and regulations
- When the user breaches the service terms, there are reasonable reasons to think disclosing user information is required to defend the company's rights, property, or services.
- When it is required to safeguard a person's life, health, or property and to obtain the user's permission is problematic.
- Getting the user's permission is challenging when it is essential to improve public health or sponsor healthy children.

When it is essential to work with national or local government entities, obtaining the User's approval will prohibit such operation; and -When the company's business is taken over, including the disclosure of user information due to merger, business separation, and business transfer or for various reasons.

7. Deposit information

We may gather any or all the information from you. If the corporation believes it is essential to accomplish its goals. The designated firm keeps those relating to the usage of the service. In this example, the corporation. Thoroughly assess the specified company's suitability. The confidentiality agreement governs the selected firm. And shall follow the personal information protection system of the nation or area where the third-party recipient is located. And we will put in place adequate information management systems. To improve the efficiency of our services, we may expand the number of recognized firms. We shall inform you through this privacy policy if the nation or area where the designated firm is situated expands.

8. Information exchange

We may share your personal information with our business partners if we need their assistance. To deliver services to users, collaborate with business partners. In this situation, the firm will notify users of the objective of the information exchange. Name of the company, business partner, information manager, and the kind of pertinent shared information Before disclosing information to business partners.

9. User Rights

Users may request that the firm release personal information by following the processes outlined by the company, except :

- If disclosure may endanger an individual's or a third party's life, body, property, or other rights or interests.
- If the disclosure may substantially impair the Company's operations; -If the disclosure breaches laws and regulations
- If the identity of the owner of the requested personal information cannot be established

If the user discovers that the company's personal information is incorrect, the user may request that it be corrected. Delete personal information by the company's policies. In this scenario, the business will immediately investigate the user's purpose and edit, add, or remove personal information based on the company's survey findings.

The corporation may charge a disclosure fee when personal information must be disclosed that cannot be checked or accessed by the service. Users can only provide the firm with personal information if the company obtains the essential information. Some aspects of the service may be unavailable to you.

10. The privacy of children

If the user is under 15, the service usage and disclosing personal information may only be done with their parent's permission.